The Loft is an innovative gathering with spiritual conversation, creativity, coffee, and music for those willing to redefine church. The gatherings take place in an intimate, casual and relaxed environment upstairs at Westwood Church. When you arrive, simply follow the signs pointing to The Loft. Click here for a map.

We are back in person after a year of online community. Please wear masks for our hour-long gathering.

Every Sunday, we offer a dynamic Westwood Kids program for birth-5th graders, and an active Grapple Group for 6th-12th graders.

COVID PRECAUTIONS We strongly encourage vaccination for all who are eligible; we also encourage you to activate Covid Notify on your phone.

PARKING The Loft at Westwood Church 10497 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90024

There is ample street parking available on Sunday mornings outside of the Warner Ave door. Abundant secure parking is also available in the parking structure located below Belmont Village.


Everyone wants to know more about love. We want to know what it means to love, and what we can do in our everyday lives to love and be loved. Yet, outside of the realm of popular culture, there are few public discussions of what love is. There seems to be an assumption that human beings should instinctively know how to love. But do we? Is love innate or is it something that we grow to learn? This series is an opportunity for us to explore the gift of love and the ways in which our lives are impacted by love and lovelessness. We begin this series by asking how might we give love words – how might we define love? To be sure, love is notoriously difficult to define because it is as much a feeling as it is an action. We all have “common sense” definitions of what constitutes love, usually a combination of what we learned as a child and what we have experienced as adults. What feelings arise for you when you think about your definition of love? And how might your definition of love inform the power, or lack thereof, that you ascribe to the spiritual gift that is love? Join us this Sunday as we attempt to give love words so that we might know what it means to live lives that are all about love.