Not Just Sunday Friends

At The Loft, we strive to truly be integrated into each other’s lives throughout the week. Our theology centers on the belief that spiritual growth and transformation happens when our community is in conversation. Conversation starts on Sunday mornings, but is taken to deeper levels in Loft Groups throughout the week. Please browse the group descriptions below to find one (or two or three!) that is right for you. Feel free to join at any time during the season and to “group hop” until you find the right fit.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Every Other Tuesday (7:30pm)
Allison and Jeff Arnold
Discussion Leader: Alex Smith

What to expect: Conversation, pizza, alcohol and friendly people – not necessarily in that order. Jeff and Allison are experts at welcoming people into their home, as are their two adorable doggies! We create free flowing conversation around Sunday topics that gets everyone involved. Our motto is: not all problems can be solved, but all problems can be discussed on Tuesday nights!

If interested, contact Westley Garcia at [email protected].

Will resume when public gatherings can happen safely.
Leaders and Hosts:
Bobbi and Owen Shiflett

What to expect: Enjoy a potluck dinner and discuss Sunday topics, current events, and the joys and concerns of life. If you’re a fun professional living in or near Culver City, consider this a safe space to get all the worries off your chest, be encouraged, and celebrate what’s going well in life.

If interested, contact Westley Garcia at [email protected].

Monthly on a Thursday (8:30pm) Culver City
Tim Hooten, Tom Burkard, Matt Parker, Ty London

What to expect: If you identify as a dad with infants thru school-age kiddos, bring a bevvie to share for a good hang while we solve the world’s problems or create new ones. Occasionally we’ll meet at a pub.

If interested, contact Westley Garcia at [email protected].

Will resume when public gatherings can happen safely.
Julia Black
Co-leaders: Julia Black & Whitney Unruh

What to expect: This will be a time for those who identify as women in our community to connect outside of Sundays. Ladies, please feel free to invite your girlfriends outside of our community as well. We might read an article or discuss current events, but most importantly, let’s relax, drink wine, and enjoy each other.

If interested, contact Westley Garcia at [email protected].

Will resume when public gatherings can happen safely.
Bars/Restaurants typically in West LA
Organizers: Whitney Unruh, Julia Black, Jonathan Crisman, Joshua Edwards, Westley Garcia

What to expect: Okay, so, you know how you go out for a handful of drinks with friends on a weeknight? Well, this group is basically that. We don’t have structure beyond a start time, and even then it’s a drop-in type event. We meet up to hang out (and drink). And after a few, we have some pretty wild conversations; think social theory, institutional critique, quantum physics, pop culture, and sure, sometimes we talk about spirituality. But mostly, we’re there building relationships and forming friendships. So come join us!

If interested, contact Westley Garcia at [email protected].

The Social Justice Initiative was born out of a desire to better integrate ideas of justice, equity, and action into the daily ongoing of The Loft community. In many ways, it’s a continuation of our commitment to conversation and deconstruction/reconstruction, coupled with our affirmation to the sacred calling to be responsible stewards and to lovingly tend all that God has wrought, but in a more tangible way.

Our efforts range from local beach cleanups in partnership with Heal the Bay to lobbying Members of Congress for expanded immigration protections through the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church. We don’t reinvent the wheel, choosing instead to partner with progressive organizations and collectively pursue a better world.

To get involved in any of the following efforts, contact Kathleen Rodgers or Joshua Edwards.

Our ongoing commitments and priorities include:
Science & Environment
LGBTQI & Reconciling
Women & Gender Justice
Homelessness & Poverty
Immigration & Sanctuary