Nothing Is Normal

Nothing Is Normal

Sunday, April 5, 2020
Rev. Molly Vetter
Bo Sanders

This is definitely the strangest week before Holy Week of my 19 years as a pastor; there’s a familiar level of busyness as we work out details for all these once-a-year celebrations, but everything else feels strange.

In a phone conversation this morning, I recognized the awkwardness of even familiar, every day greetings. “How are you?” becomes an uncomfortable question, as I acknowledge that I’m both weary and heavy from the burdens and concerns of this pandemic and very keenly aware of the gift of small joys I was in the habit of taking for granted.

This Palm Sunday, we won’t gather in the sanctuary to wave palm branches together. From our separate homes, though, I suspect some of us will be crying “Hosanna!” with even more feeling than usual. I’ve often lost the significance of the meaning of the word, as I smile to see beautiful children annually reenact Jesus entry into Jerusalem; “Hosanna!” is a cry to God that means “Save us!”

Crying “Hosanna,” then, is as good of a prayer as I know to offer: it’s an acknowledgement that we need help, it speaks to our being a part of a complex global community that we can’t alone control, it honors our human limitation and mortality.

Through the imperfect medium of the internet, we invite you to join us for online worship this weekend, so we can sing “Hosanna!” together. Our worship is streaming “live” on Facebook, and is available to watch anytime afterwards, too. (This week, we’ll embed the video link directly on our website, too, in hopes that will make it easier to access for folks who don’t use Facebook.) I encourage you to share it with a friend who might be feeling more isolated than usual, or be looking for a grace-filled, open-hearted church with whom to worship in this strange time.

I have been delighted by how good if feels to watch live together–to see the names of friends who are watching with me at the same time, and to be reminded that we really are in this together. I am grateful for the creative ways we’re figuring out to be community together. Thank you.

grace and peace,
Pastor Molly