Loft Leadership

Chris Spearman
Minister Of Adult Programs & The Loft

Chris is a highly energetic, slightly disorganized, covertly competitive, musical worshiper seeking to become all God has created him to be. He is a proud and growing husband to Paige, an exuberant father and jungle gym to sons Asher and Caleb and daughter Eden, a loving son of Tyron and Sandra, big brother to Sallie and her husband, Oliver, and the doting uncle of MJ and Ollie. As a member of Westwood United Methodist, Chris participates in the community as a Christ Follower who facilitates educational environments, connection opportunities, and ways to unlock the life God dreams for us. Many other Christ Followers partner with Chris teaching, serving, and seeking to express themselves to and through God together. Chris loves the wildly unpredictable journey of pursuing God.

Sara Critchfield
Director of Community Life

Sara is a devout spiritual seeker and wanna-be mystic. She moonlights in the Masters of Divinity program at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena and daylights as a media consultant. Raised in Ohio by a pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Sara started her career as an anti-poverty advocate and grassroots organizer for the United Church of Christ in Washington DC and moved into social good media. She spearheads the Loft’s initiative to become more than “just Sunday friends.” You can find her making spreadsheets, inciting blue card drives, organizing activities and herding cats — er, um, group leaders. Sara and her intensely joyful toddler, Eden, are thrilled to call the Loft their spiritual community.

Westley Garcia
Director of Loft Connections

Westley is an extreme extrovert who takes pride in being able to connect with people from all walks of life, and yes, that includes introverts. Westley’s preferred gender pronouns are he / his / him and is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ and Latinx communities in the cisgender gay tradition and of Mexican and Salvadoran descent, respectively. A Southern California native hailing from San Diego, he spent six years in northwest Iowa before calling Los Angeles home. Westley’s journey of faith began in a fundamentalist Christian tradition and has since moved through a few Christian expressions finally finding a safe place in the intellectual and progressive Cal-Pac United Methodist tradition as a member of The Loft at Westwood UMC. As the Director of Loft Connections, Westley works to create pathways for Loft attendees to better connect with the community gathered on Sundays. Let him know how he can help you fold into Loft community, Sunday participation, and Loft leadership.

Brad Hooks
Director of Loft Music