About The Loft

Where Everyone Is Welcome.

The Loft is an innovative approach to Christian Community for those willing to re-think church.
Conversation is the center of our gatherings. We facilitate a conversational approach to thinking about and living out our faith together.
Creativity comes from those who call the Loft home. It shows up in our music, in our use of poetry and painting, and even in our sermon design.
Compassion is God’s love in action. It is in serving and helping others – we actively take the good news out into our city and the world.
We are part of Westwood UMC and affiliated with the United Methodist Church.
Our pastoral staff works with an empowered and diverse group of leaders to make the weekend gatherings and mid-week groups happen. We are Christian community that is open & affirming – comprised of people of different races, cultures, sexualities, and religious backgrounds.

Chris Spearman

Minister of Adult Programs & The Loft


Chris is a highly energetic, slightly disorganized, covertly competitive, musical worshiper seeking to become all God has created him to be. He is a proud and growing husband to Paige, an exuberant father and jungle gym to sons Asher and Caleb and daughter Eden, a loving son of Tyron and Sandra, big brother to Sallie and her husband, Oliver, and the doting uncle of MJ and Ollie. As a member of Westwood United Methodist, Chris participates in the community as a Christ Follower who facilitates educational environments, connection opportunities, and ways to unlock the life God dreams for us. Many other Christ Followers partner with Chris teaching, serving, and seeking to express themselves to and through God together. Chris loves the wildly unpredictable journey of pursuing God.